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Iron Rental

To ensure that you, our customers, always have immediate access to safe and certified assets; we, at Provident, provide top tier iron rental with unprecedented mobility.

Provident Energy Services | Fort Collins, CO | Asset Management

Iron Ala Carte

In order to provide assets that can be deployed anywhere in North America we have invested in monorail trailers. These trailers are the best, safest and easiest way to get your rented assets to location all the while providing maximum mobility while on location. 


Our monorail trailers come standard with a loadout of 2” Fig. 1502 comprised of 260 feet of straight joints, 15 90’s, 8 tee’s, 1 cross, 10 loose plug valves and one loose choke assembly. All of the necessary equipment for Frac Support and Flowback.

To ensure that we are able to meet all the requirements of our customers, we have expanded to provide all of the temporary flow iron needed to support your location. These include but are not limited to:

●    2” Choke Manifolds
●    3” Choke Manifolds
●    3” Pipe packages (for screen out operations)
●    Sand Traps 
●    Loose 2” and 3” plug valves
●    2” 1502 Piping


Asset Management

Every asset in our fleet is entered in our custom built software. This software tracks the location, use and documents for each asset. Upon renting from us you will be shared all of the information pertaining to your rented assets; this will include description, all pertinent documents (pressure test results, UT readings and visual inspections) as well as location on a virtual white board. The white board provides you with unrivaled visibility of all of you rented assets. However we do not stop there, all of your rental assets will also be monitored by one of our in-house asset managers who will help you to make sure that you are getting the best utilization of each asset.

Inspection & Post-job

Flow Iron

Our certified technicians inspect each asset as it returns from location and apply a grading scale to said asset 1-4. Where 1 is like new, 2 is very minimal wear, 3 is noticeable wear and 4 is in need of replacement. All assets that you will receive as part of your rental fleet will range from 1 to 2. 

Pressure Controlling Iron

Upon the completion of a job, all valves, manifolds and chokes will be visually inspected and pressure tested. If an asset fails a pressure test we are able to offer extremely affordable flat rate rebuild pricing. We are able to do this due to the fact that we have managed thousands of assets for many different companies. We bring all of that experience to bear on our own fleet so you are guaranteed to have exceptional asset performance all offered at affordable pricing. 

A Culture of Safety

At Provident we are first and foremost a highly accredited and accomplished Non-Destructive Testing company. We started this business to provide safer working environments for the people in the field, we are not simply a rental company. Therefore when you rent from us you know that you are renting top tier assets that have all been inspected by certified inspectors who are overseen by our in-house level 3 ASNT manager with the full backing of the ASNT. We couple this with industry leading traceability and documentation to further extend your peace of mind upon utilizing our services.  

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